Summer at Liberty 2019 • Liberty Church Amsterdam
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Summer at Liberty 2019

Through the summer we’re hosting a bunch of events for you all to enjoy. Whether you’re part of the Liberty family, or brand new to the church, you’re welcome to come along and get involved in any of these.

Of course, we’ll be meeting on Sundays as normal at 10.30am in the Vondelkerk.

There is a full list of events in at the end of this post to make it easy for your to add to your calendar.


We’re hitting the canals! Bring food and drinks to share.


Fun for all ages in the Oosterpark paddle pool (pierenbadje). Meet at 10.30 every Thursday from 18 July – 22 August, weather permitting.

Picnic after church

We’ll head into the Vondelpark for a picnic after church every Sunday in July and August, if the weather allows.

Ultimate Frisbee

We’ll head into the Vondelpark for Ultimate Frisbee on Monday 22 July July. All throwing / catching abilities welcome!

Touch Rugby

We’ll head into the Vondelpark for a game of touch rugby on 7 August, if the weather allows.


Dates for your calendar

  • 14 July – Picnic after church
  • 17 July – Boating
  • 18 July – Paddle pool
  • 21 July – Picnic after church
  • 22 July – Ultimate Frisbee in Vondelpark
  • 25 July – Paddle pool
  • 28 July – Picnic after church
  • 1 August – Paddle pool
  • 4 August – Picnic after church
  • 7 August – Tough Rugby
  • 8 August – Paddle pool
  • 11 August – Picnic after church
  • 15 August – Paddle pool
  • 18 August – Picnic after church
  • 22 August – Paddle pool