Big things on the way for our kids • Liberty Church Amsterdam
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Big things on the way for our kids

We have some exciting changes on the horizon for Liberty Kids. But first, we’ll catch you up on how we got here…

Growing pains & answers to prayer

In the last couple of years, by God’s grace, we have been steadily growing. Wonderfully, many of our new church family members are kids. Although we have been excited to welcome every new child in, we had run out of spaces to fit them! With no immediate solutions in sight, we transitioned to a temporary solution that accommodated our kids as best we could.

We prayed for God to open doors for us (literally) and against the odds, we were given the opportunity to rent office space within the Vondelkerk building. In the weeks since we have had access to these spaces, it has already been so enabling for us in many ways. We use the office space during the week, host meetings, band practices, training sessions and have plans for much more on the horizon.

Some of our Liberty Kids leaders testing out the new space

After a bit of a facelift (thanks to all our wonderful volunteers who helped out), the large basement space of the office is ready for our kids to use. The extra space means we are now able to divide into 3 groups:

  • Paars – age 2-3 yrs
  • Blauw – age 4-7 yrs
  • Rood – age 8-12 yrs

New groups

The new groups will commence on Sunday 16th September.

Paars (2-3)

Paars will continue to use basement space near the WCs. With this group now having a smaller age range, we will be able to more specifically tailor the program. The mornings will involve lots of playing, crafts, songs and story time.

This term the Paars group will be focusing on ‘God made….’

Blauw (4-7)

Blauw will be meeting in the new basement. Drop off will be in the common area, through the two sets of glass doors from the main meeting space.

This term the Blauw group will be focusing on the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-10).

The morning will include:

  • Joint worship time with Rood
  • Teaching from the Bible
  • Discussion groups
  • Time to play and engage with each other and the team
  • Craft time

Rood (8-12)

Rood will be meeting in the common area, through the two sets of glass doors from the main meeting space. The morning will run the same as outlined above for Blauw, but with different, age-appropriate content. They will be joining Blauw down in the basement for part of the morning for a shared time of worship.

This term the Rood group will also be focusing on the Beatitudes.

We would love our kids in Rood to bring a Bible each week, if they have one, to use during their discussion time.

Check in/out: Because they are older, kids in Rood will not have collect cards and will be released to find their parents at the end of the program, rather than being picked up. They will still have name badges and need to be checked in before the service.


One final practical note to all parents, please ensure your child has used the bathroom before dropping them off at Liberty Kids.

We are really excited about all the changes across the groups. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one the Kids Leadership Team.