At Liberty Kids are passionate about providing our kids not only with a fun environment to build friendships, but primarily with opportunities to encounter God and grow in their relationship with Him.  We want to present the bible in an engaging and accessible way, so that our kids don’t just know stories about God, but understand the bigger story that the Bible tells and begin to form their own relationship with Him.

This term we are very excited to start using new materials as we teach our kids. As parents, we thought you might be interested in knowing what your kids are learning so wanted to share it here!

Paars (2-3 yrs)

Village Church Preschool Curriculum

This curriculum is a God-centred, gospel-centred study of God’s big story, explained in a way that even the tiniest Liberty Kids can engage with. 

Blauw/Rood (4-11yrs)

The Biggest Story

These engaging lesson materials are designed to teach kids 104 Bible stories that will help them understand God’s plan to redeem the world through his Son, Jesus.