A church is not a building – it’s all about people. Meet our vibrant community, made up of people from all over the world. We invite you to join us as we seek to love and serve God in Amsterdam.

Church as family

Although God is one, He is also a community of three persons who love each other eternally. He reflected this unity and diversity when He made people in His image. So community isn’t just a good idea; it is vital to who we are in Christ. Jesus had His Church in mind when He went to the cross and He’s rescued each of us into God’s family. Here in Amsterdam, we want to build a local community of believers that reaches across the dividing walls around us, particularly the racial and economic divides in our city, believing that Jesus came to bring peace and reconciliation through the cross. 

Community Groups

As well as gathering together every Sunday, we also meet midweek in small groups across the city. These groups are a great way to get to know more people, build friendships and encourage one another in our faith. We have groups meeting across the city on midweek evenings. If you’d like to join one of these community groups you can sign up at lbty.ch/groups

Get to know a few of our group leaders…

Audrey is from Singapore and came to Amsterdam for work. Daniël came to Amsterdam with his wife, Kelly, for a work/travel adventure. We enjoy sharing our faith, friendship and sometimes food in our Community Group. The CG meets near Westerpark.

Caue and Nair came from Brazil to the Netherlands to experience life abroad. During this time, they have experienced some of their happiest and saddest moments together, through which God has shown His presence in surprisingly fresh ways. Their community group is a place where people should feel at home with both their strong and not so strong sides and learn together to stick with one another in and through Christ. This group currently meets near Museumplein.

Jiska comes from the Netherlands and so does Wulfert. Miriam comes from Spain and moved to Amsterdam to look for a new adventure. They lead together a group that meets in the Jordaan area. They love to meet new people and build deeper connections with each others through the group and supporting each other to come closer to Jesus in their daily life.

Hello! We are Nowa, from Japan and Ireland, and Jan-Pieter, from the Netherlands. After we each moved to Amsterdam for university, we started coming to Liberty Church, and soon enough it became our spiritual home. Our favourite thing about community group is forming long-standing relationships, connecting with others in a similar stage of life and challenging each other in picking up spiritual practices. Our community group meets in the Vondelkerk on Tuesday evenings.

Jess and Ludo came to Amsterdam from Sydney, Australia because of Ludo’s Dutch heritage. They wanted to see what life was like in the Netherlands, and after six years they are still loving it. They love that their community group is a place where people can openly share their lives, enjoy friendship, and figure out what their faith looks like in practice. They meet on Tuesdays, based around De Pijp / Oosterpark.

Talitha and Sander are from Amsterdam and Kockengen and they run their community group with Evert and Jessica who are also from the Netherlands. Talitha and Sander moved back from England to Amsterdam to be closer to family. Their favourite thing about running their community group is welcoming new people to the city and building friendships. They meet on Diemen on Wednesday evenings.

Wilson and Beth came from Brazil to the Netherlands to study and work. Meanwhile, they’ve felt called to stay and serve those in the city. Their favourite thing about running a community group is getting to see everyone on a weekly basis, sharing their faith and friendship, and having a supporting church family nearby. They meet in Heemstede on Thursday evenings.

David and Cathie are a Franco-American and Australian couple, who moved to the Netherlands from Australia, along with their two children. After being in ministry there for a few years, they moved here to serve at Tyndale Theological Seminary, in Badhoevedorp. They’re excited about community groups as a place where Christians can grow in love and holiness together. Their group meets at their home in Badhoevedorp at 18:30 on Tuesdays.

Tim is originally from Zimbabwe and was called by God to the Netherlands. Some of his favourite things about community groups are seeing people desire to know Jesus and grow to love him more; seeing their lives transformed by the Holy Spirit; and longing for not-yet-believers to have a personal relationship with God also. Tim’s group meets in Amsterdam-Oost on Wednesday evenings.

Rosanne is Dutch, Peter is Danish-Hungarian and Marie is Swiss French.
So we are a cultural very diverse group and our desire is that it will be a safe place to encounter each other as we are. We love prayer and worship in particular and desire to grow together in our walk with Jesus.
We meet every Monday in Amsterdam South.

Irene is hosting a community group every Friday evening at the Vondelkerk office. She is originally from Jakarta, Indonesia and has been living in the Netherlands since 2013. She finds community group as a place for Christ followers to grow spiritually and connect deeper with others.

We are Brian & Nimsi from Amsterdam Zuid.
The Lord in his abundant grace brought us and our two sons to Amsterdam in 2021 from Dubai and since then we have found ourselves at home here in the beautiful Netherlands.
The Lord led us to Liberty church as a result of our prayers for a church that is faithful to Christ, preaches the sound gospel and appreciates Christian community and fellowship.
We feel truly blessed to be part of Liberty church and lead the Amsterdam Zuid community group.


Are you interested in being part of Liberty Church? Our community is made up of people from all over the world – including ‘born & bred’ Amsterdammers and many from much further afield.

We’re always keen to welcome new people and we’re sure you’ll feel at home with us. We’d love to hear from you.


We believe that Jesus leads His church and we are first and foremost called to be followers of Him. Where we are called to be leaders, we seek to follow Jesus’ example and try to lead gently, humbly, and approachably, in a down-to-earth manner. We believe that leadership is a gift that God gives to both men and women. We have many men and women who lead community groups, lead at our Sunday gatherings in different ways, lead social justice ministries, and in many more ways.

In 2022, we appointed a team of four men as elders to oversee Liberty Church, following the example we see in the New Testament (Acts 14:23). In this fathering/shepherding role, elders are called not to a hierarchical position or status but rather to follow Jesus’ example and lovingly, self-sacrificially lay down their lives for the church.