Liberty Amsterdam

We’re a relatively new church that started in July 2014. Since then the church has continued to grow every week, welcoming people from all backgrounds. Liberty Church is made up of people from nations across the globe, reflecting the multicultural nature of our city which has over 180 different nationalities represented. Our members are scattered across the city throughout the week loving Jesus, loving each other and loving the city.

We meet on Sundays in two venues in the heart of Amsterdam.

In April 2023, we began serving another church (Waterland) in Amsterdam Zuid by leading their Sunday gatherings, with a view to an ongoing partnership between our two churches. From September, Waterland will be relaunching as a new community of Liberty Church.

Jesus and our city

In a city set on finding liberty, we believe that true liberty comes in obedience to Jesus Christ. This is life, life to the full.

The theologian & philosopher Saint Augustine said, ‘Love God. Do what you want.’ When true love captures us, our desires change, our habits die, our priorities are reset and our dreams are reimagined. We no longer want to live for ourselves – something greater is before us.

As a community, our desire is to love God. That love compels us to love others. It causes us to love our city.  For the sake of that love, we long for renewal in every corner of Amsterdam, holding nothing back to see the destitute healed and restored. In love, we want Amsterdammers from every culture, tribe, and community to find true liberty.

Greater Love

If you’d like to know more, listen through our ‘Greater Love’ mini-series that unpacks our vision and values as a church.

Part 1: Jesus, The Church and Worship

Part 2: Jesus, The Church and the City

Part 3: Jesus, The Church and You


We love our city and we’re proud to call Amsterdam home. It’s a city of diversity and creativity, of passion and freedom. However, we believe that the love of Jesus can transform Amsterdam into something greater than it is.

For Liberty Church – we’ve found ourselves called by Jesus to this city.

We are called to live out our faith, communicating the unique, life-giving gospel and building a new community that loves the city and displays to the city what a greater version of Amsterdam could look like – an Amsterdam 2.0


We believe that everything the Bible teaches is ultimately about Jesus. We believe that not only was everything Jesus said truth, but that he was truth himself.

Jesus has done everything that is necessary for us to have a relationship with God, and to relate to him as children he loves. We hold the truth about who Jesus is and what he has done for us (this good news is referred to as the gospel) as the central doctrine in our church.

All of the meaning of life – your existence – is wrapped up in this great truth.

Read more about what we believe about Jesus and the church.


Liberty Church Amsterdam is part of a group of churches with a vision to re-disciple the post-Christian world and a goal to start multiplying churches in 15 cities. Currently, we have established churches in London and Brighton in the UK, Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Berlin (Germany) and new church plants in London Bridge (UK), Bath (UK), Belfast (Northern Ireland), Ottawa (Canada), and Krakow (Poland).

This network is part of the wider Newfrontiers family of churches which has over 1000 churches around the world.

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